This is all sorts of wrong – Miami Police’s website basically tie Jay-Z with Gang Activity


Wow. Shouts to Gus from the New Times for reporting on this and for sending this over way in the morning this morning. Didn’t get a chance to post till now.

Even though its since been pulled (but you can click on the image above to enlarge), the Miami Police Department had a large banner on their frontpage that was advertising the contact numbers to report gang activity. Well, aside from some very clip-artish characters included, Miami PD included not one, but…TWO images of Jay-Z and his likeness for the ad.

Granted hip-hop gets a bad rap, but this is a bit much don’t you think? Not at all legal saavy, but I’m pretty positive that this can open up a shit storm for the Miami PD and a possible defamation lawsuit of some kind if Jay-Z really wanted to pursue it. Not sure, but this shit is crazy. Click below to see the two photos that the Jay-Z images are based off of.


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