OK – Something doesn’t make sense here, regarding www.Thug.com


Allright. So…much love to Trick Daddy and to Slip-N-Slide Records…both legends in the game and still are held as Miami’s pioneering entities that helped bring Miami into the limelight its in now.

However, I just got an email from Slip-N-Slide’s mass emailed newsletter thing-a-ma-jig (that I never signed up for of course) announcing new updates from www.Thug.com, which apparently launched a brand new non-Trick Daddy website on or around Memorial Day Weekend of 2010, like three months ago. Prior to that though, the site was the official website for Trick Daddy. I could even remember logging probably earlier this year to grab a photo that Trick had with his “305” chain (which is pictured above).

So long story short, Trick’s website doesn’t appear anymore and apparently after Trick Daddy and Slip-N-Slide parted ways, I guess Slip-N-Slide retained ownership of Thug.com and never really did anything with it up until a couple months ago. Its their right I guess, they own it, they can do what they please. No argument there.

But till today, I still thought Trick owned the website, especially after this other press release one of Trick’s people sent. It said that Trick was finally releasing his book in November (which we posted here). But it also said Trick was releasing an album called “www.Thug.com part 2″. Which if he doesn’t own the domain, doesn’t really make much sense to name your album after a domain you don’t own. Its like Lil Wayne calling his album Roc-a-Fella Records. Well, not really, but you know what I mean. I’m just saying…I know I ain’t the only one thinking the same thing.

Somebody either notify Trick or…somebody holla at Ted and fam and tell them to broker that domain name over to Trick. Something ain’t adding up.



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