Mixtape Download :: DJ Ideal & Hometeam present Andre 3000 – Andre Benjamin Is…

Mixtape Artwork by Soyonis

It seems that nowadays, whenever DJ Ideal drops a mixtape, its on some legendary sh*t. Here’s a new one he put together with Hometeam, which is basically like a “Best Of” of Andre 3000’s best verses and contributions to hip-hop during the course of his career. The mixtape is actually pretty dope if you’re an Andre 3000 fan. Spotted via imflashy. Download link and tracklisting below…

Chonky Fire Intro
Return of the G
Git Up, Git Out
So Fresh So Clean
Skew it on the Bar-B
Wheelz of Steel
Dez Only 1
Da Art of Storytellin (Part 4)
Sumthin Wicked This Way
Smokefest 1999
Crumblin Erb
Gon Be Fine (Remix)
Benz or Beamer
Jazzy Belle
Thought Process
Hootie Hoo
Da Art of Storytellin (Part 2)
Ova Da Wudz
Player’s Ball
Tough Guy
In Due Time
Rats & Roaches
Felicia Fur Freestyle
Royal Flush
Ms. Jackson
Sole Sunday
Throw Your Hands Up
Black Ice
Da Art of Storytellin (Part 1)
Funkin Around
What About Your Friends (Remix)
Red Velvet
Movin Cool
Life in the Day of Benjamin Andre (Incomplete)
Green Light