Taste Tuesdays – Miami Subs


Hands down, Miami Subs has got to be the best fast food place. And definitely the best, if not Top 3 best French Fries ever! Too bad that local locations seem to be dwindling down little by little due to the recent sale of the company a few years ago. To the point that I think there’s more Miami Subs locations in Broward, than there are in Dade County. But the chain has also expanding through Georgia, the Carolinas, the Northeastern states and even internationally to Turkey, Romania and Cayman Islands where multiple international locations in each of those countries are planned.

The Miami Vice themed colorway is probably the only Miami thing about Miami Subs. But like I mentioned, they definitely have to be the best fast food spot around. Universally, the mainstays like the Philly Cheeseteak, the Gyros, the “Super” Burger, Nathans hotdogs (some locations) and again, the classic one-of-a-kind Miami Subs fries – all put Miami Subs at the top of the list for many because they simply have a wide variety options. No matter what you may be in the mood for, they seem to have it. Well, not everything, but you know what I mean. Point is…its a damn shame that these locations keep disappearing, but take advantage while you can and hit a Miami Subs near you.

For current locations: click here


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