Miami Heat forward Udonis Haslem arrested, there’s more to the story [UPDATED]

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UPDATE #5 (12:54AM on Monday): Udonis Haslem’s attorney releases a statement to us:

Udonis Haslem should never have been arrested.

The passenger confessed to the trooper that the marijuana was the passenger’s.

The bag where the marijuana was found had the passenger’s name and documents in it.

The only reason Udonis Haslem was arrested was because he is a high profile Athlete.

– Eric Tolin Schwartzreich

UPDATE #4 (11:59PM): Police reports obtained exclusively by The305, clearly show it wasn’t his marijuana, yet is still being charged. Click here to read the report.

UPDATE #3 (11:46PM): We have another piece of info that may come shortly, but for now, here’s the statement I just received from a person close to the situation. They state:

“Miami Heat Star Udonis Haslem, who has no criminal record, no priors and has done nothing but great things for South Florida and the Miami Heat has been hit with multiple charges by the Florida Highway Patrol after being pulled over on Sunday. Not only is he getting charged for speeding and windows that are too dark, but he is getting charged with drug possession because his long time friend had some marijuana on him.

After 2 police searches, after the k9 search found nothing, keeping him at the scene for over an hour and then nearly 3 hours at the FHP headquarters, they are pinning the possession charges on Udonis despite the fact that the 4 page police report stated that the bag that the drugs were found in also contained papers that had the passengers name on them and the passenger clearly admitted to these drugs being his. Don’t believe it? Read the report which we have obtained. CLICK HERE TO READ IT.

If that wasn’t enough, we have received word that one of the fhp troopers who were on the scene sent an “anonymous” tip to a local sports radio station before they had even charged him.

It seems to me that this might be a case of jealousy on the part of a cop who is still trying to deal with the mental torture of being cut from his middle school basketball team. This is disgusting and the NBA and NFL have enough problems to worry about without having to face publicity nightmares that are created for the benefit of a law enforcement officer’s ego.”

UPDATE #2 (11:15PM): This really sucks and definitely seems like he was unfairly targeted based off the info I just received. There’s more to the story than what reads. I spoke with somebody close to Haslem and should have an insider quote shortly, stay tuned.

UPDATE #1 (7:00PM): The arrest happened Sunday afternoon during a traffic stop on the Gratigny Parkway that was either for dark tints or for speeding – at press time, those details were not available.  According to sources (TMZ), officers searched the car three times for drugs — an initial search and then a search with drug dogs yielded nothing. We’re told when officers searched the car a third time, they discovered less than 20 grams of marijuana. FHP spokesman Sgt. Mark Wysocky said Haslem, 30, and a passenger were both cited. Wysocky said he expected that the charge would be related to marijuana possession. A full release was expected from FHP later Sunday evening. – Source: TMZ / ESPN


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