INTERVIEW with Miami artist LMS, performs tonight at THE RISING show at Transit Lounge


Here’s a quick interview I did with LMS, one of the artists performing at tonight’s THE RISING show over at Transit Lounge (click here for the flyer). He discusses his involvement with the show, along with his upcoming plans. Click below to read the interview…

The305: Introduce yourself for those that don’t know you or haven’t heard from you in a while….
LMS, Last Man Standin, Lyricist, Emcee, 305 representative by way of Hialeah

First and foremost, you’re performing this Wednesday at THE RISING show at Transit Lounge with a few other artists. Can you tell us a little about the event and how you got involved?
Last Rights And C-9 Put together The Rising showcase At Transit Lounge – they were looking to showcase some of the local talent that’s buzzing around South Florida. With the talents of emcees like GhostWridah, Saheed, And Murph, Joe From Last Rights Clothing gave me the opportunity to be on the bill and share the stage with some dope emcees from Dade And Broward County. They have dope clothing and they’re putting their ears to the street, and….I’m glad I get to say I’m a part of it.

What can we expect from your set?
Hip-Hop & Edutainment

In a few words…summarize what L.M.S. is about?
LMS is about going against the odds. Rising above the obstacles that are placed in your way, regardless of what they may be. Not having to stoop to the level of what tries to hold you back.

I know you’ve had it for a few years now, but do you still feel like your “Last Man Standing” moniker still applies….even today?
Yeah, because the title of “LMS” isn’t just a name, as it is a prayer. I refuse to let anything hold me back, which is why shows like The Rising, and shows put together by other promoters (such as Major Event Marketing & Pyramid Builders) are a blessing. They’ve made it a point to show not just South Florida, but ultimately the nation, that there’s real talent and potential here. To show that there is music [down here] that deserves some real attention.

What are you working on project-wise right now? And what have you been up to in the last couple months…?
In the past couple months, I’ve won the Gold Medal In The Emcee Olympics, I dropped my latest Video “All A Dream”, which has been featured on and I’ve battled In freestyle battles all over Miami from the MC BeatDown to Last Mic Standing and now I won the Redbull Emcee Prelims In Orlando during Lounge Battles. I made it to the semi finals in the 16 man freestyle tournament at Lounge Battles, and made it to the FINAL ROUND against Surgeon General in the GrindTime 32 MC RUMBLE. MAJOR shout outs to Madd Illz and the Orlando Hip-Hop Scene!. My current projects are several albums in the works, 2 of which I’m recording at New Era Recording Studios. And last but DEFINITLY not least – I’m working on the REBEL ALLIANCE compilation featuring Saheed, Serum, Bred (Groundhoggz), Lou Bez, Dynas, Apex aka Barack Urbano of Maybach Music Latino, and DJ R&R The Visual Sinister of Gas Face Films. BIG SHIT POPPIN IN THE 305!!!

What’s next for you?
Next Is My video shoot With DJ R&R for the “Miami Respiration” joint I did on the OZONE 50MC’S Project (Download it for free at, The RedBull Finals in Orlando, and then rocking With Reks, Saheed and Numonics as we open up for Freddie Gibbs this upcoming Friday! Basically Stayin Busy and Blessed, Thanking God everyday For these incredible opportunities, not to mention the incredible people I’ve been working with.

Last words?
And last words: LISTEN TO REAL HIP-HOP, Stop bein spoon fed bullshit, AND LEARN SOMETHIN’!!

Catch LMS tonight July 28th, 2010 at THE RISING show at Transit Lounge along with Ghostwridah, Murph and Saheed. Transit Lounge is located at 729 SW 1st Ave., Miami, FL 33135; show starts at 11PM.


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