Katy Perry cover feature with Billboard Magazine


I’ll ryde and dye for this white gurl. Either way, Ms. Perry catches up with Billboard magazine for an exclusive cover story in preparation of her album Teenage Dream releasing next month….

On staying true to herself:
“I’m not coming out trying to prove anything to anyone, like, ‘Oh, I’m in assless chaps!’ or ‘I can’t be tamed!’ I’ve already been through that phase. I started at 23, you know?”

On her Twitter message after the premiere of Gaga’s “Alejandro” video:
“[Spirituality] is just important to me. The details of the importance are still to be determined, I guess . . . It’s one of those things that as the older you get and the farther you try to run away from your parents, you just turn right around and they are embedded into your DNA.”

On “California Gurls”:
“I’m not saying, ‘Oh, my God! “California Gurls” is a fucking genius opus!’ I just know what kind of card this summer needs, and that’s the one I’m playing.”

On her inspiration for the song “Firework”:
“Basically I have this very morbid idea . . . when I pass, I want to be put into a firework and shot across the sky over the Santa Barbara Ocean as my last hurrah. I want to be a firework, both living and dead. My boyfriend showed me a paragraph out of Jack Kerouac’s book ‘On the Road,’ about people that are buzzing and fizzing and full of life and never say a commonplace thing. They shoot across the sky like a firework and make people go, ‘Ahhh.’ I guess that making people go ‘ahhh’ is kind of like my motto.”

On lending her voice to Smurfette for an upcoming animated movie based on the classic cartoon slated for 2011:
“I am a walking cartoon most days so it was an obvious go-to. I would love to do more of that . . . to be a desk lamp in a Pixar movie or something stupid, like a fork! A spoon! A knife!”

On her early struggles:
“I used to just feel numb. It was like taking a kid to Disneyland and then making them wait outside. The people just wouldn’t let me through the gates—what could I do?”

On why she wanted “Teenage Dream” to have more tempo than “One of the Boys”:
“I really love going to shows where I’m sandwiched between people, and you don’t know if the sweat on you is yours or the person’s next to you. I love that feeling, and when I was on tour I would see that I was missing that a bit.”

Click here to read the entire interview.


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