A recap of Rick Ross Day and what Ross is expected to sell in his first week


Yesterday was madness with Rick Ross’ Teflon Don release and all – but it all settled down and ended in a huge celebration over at King Of Diamonds. So far, Ross has gotten great feedback from the album and has been promoting it every chance he gets. So much so, that early estimates are saying that Teflon Don will sell between 170,000 – 180,000 copies in its first week of release. Let’s see how well that estimate sticks. Either way, read the below press release that gives you a recap of yesterday’s mayhem at King Of Diamonds and earlier in the day at the Best Buy signing…

MIAMI, FL — Rick Ross and invited guests, “the whole world,” celebrated the release of his fourth studio album, Teflon Don, with the most epic album release party ever. The event was located at King of Diamonds (K.O.D.) in Miami Gardens, FL on July 20th, 2010.

The day began with an in-store album signing at the Best Buy in Pembroke Pines, FL. With over 1,000 albums sold and a line of people that wrapped around the building as early as four o’clock, Best Buy ultimately SOLD OUT of Teflon Don albums before the events ending. The entire community gathered and filled the store from front to back as Rick Ross greeted fans, took pictures and autographed CD covers for all who went to see him. Standing behind him was DJ Khaled, Larry Dogg, DJ Sam Sneak, Triple C’s and other Maybach Music Group and Def Jam Records affiliates.

Immediately after the in-store signing, people made their way to K.O.D. The crowd inside of the club grew too big to handle at an early 11:30 p.m. With people everywhere and no room to walk, an announcement was made over the speakers, “Will everyone please give their full attention to the TV screens please!?!” Displayed was live camera footage of Rick Ross making the biggest grand entrance in K.O.D. history. With dancers outside awaiting him, “The Teflon Don” made his special arrival to the event flying in on a helicopter that landed in the parking lot, leaving him directly in front of his private back entrance.

“The album was a success, CD’s were selling out on the first day, and this party is official! Maybach Music is in here making Movies!” says Record Promotions Representative at Lex Promotions and Marketing Group, Marvin Nicolas.

Reserved for Rick Ross was an exclusive, front and center, on-stage section with luxury couches, tables covered with nothing but bottles of “Rozay” and Ciroc and his own set of private dancers while his music blasted throughout the building all night. Maybach Music Group, Jam Squad, Def Jam Records South and Lex Promotions were all in the building to support Rick Ross and the release of such a successful album. The party maintained its dynamic energy throughout the night with much intent to continue celebrating till the sun came up.

Photo Credit: FastLifeFastMoney.com


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