DEJA U – Luke reacts to Lebron, Bosh and Wade signings, says it reminds him of “UM in the 80s”

Luke talks about the Wade, James and Bosh and their newly secured place as the 3 Kings of Miami and seemingly the NBA. Luke tells the Miami Herald:

“The parallel [to the University of Miami] was automatic. The best get hated. It gave me a flashback to UM all over again. Controversy. Scandal. Everyone is mad. Negative. Bashing. Fans, owners, media — the establishment is all upset. And you know what’s going to happen now, right? This is the fun part. We’re going to beat the dog [expletive] out of everyone who is complaining. People aren’t used to players having all the power. The King traded himself. He did everything his own way, with swagger and arrogance. To see him criticized this way is f*cked up. He took a pay cut. He sacrificed. Everyone in sports has Terrell Owens Syndrome. But this guy came to Dwyane Wade’s kingdom, and gave up his own kingdom to do it. You know who is going to love this? The ‘hood. These young guys represent Miami. Hard core. Knock you in the mouth. They don’t mind walking up into your party even if everyone hates them. They know the best get hated. And they are welcoming that. This is unreal. It is genius. When I saw it for the first time, those guys in uniform, I was speechless.”

Source: Miami Herald


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