An Interview with DJ Obscene – Talks Iceberg mixtape, Miami Live party memories and his Top 5 songs


Photo by David “DRO” Rosario

I was listening to DJ Obscene’s mix this past Friday on Y100 (100.7 FM), which he started not too long ago. Every Friday and Saturday from 10PM till Midnight, he’s on the tables and on air for a 2 hour session of various music genres. More on the dance/party type of thing, but up-beat nonetheless. Well, I did an interview with Obscene for the New Times (and took the above photo as well) and here’s three questions that didn’t make the cut. So I decided to bring those unreleased questions on over to A top 5 rendition, his latest mixtape collabo with Ice Berg (which you can download here) and his recollection of his time spinnin’ at Miami Live at Santos a couple years back – which was hands down one of the best parties in recent memory.

How was it working with IceBerg for Strictly For The Streets Part 2?
I used to see Iceberg in the club all the time back in ’06, ’07 just hangin’ with Trick all the time. At that time he was just one of the Dunk Ryders, but shortly after “F The Other Side” came out, he began developing and focusing on his solo career. I have tremendous respect for him being young as I am, and having accomplished so much on his own without a deal or anything. He’s taken the approach from the ground up and has gained thousands of fans, (not to mention actually being BOOKED for shows in cities all up and down Florida and the south). How many artists from Miami are doing that on their own? Exactly… I did the first installment of SFTS last year with DJ Kronik, and he utilized it to build his buzz even more. Once it came time for Strictly For The Streets Part 2, Berg reached out, we linked with the big homie Sam Sneak and the rest was just two turntables, a mixer and some solid music.

And you used to DJ for Miami Live…the legendary party held a few years ago by Michael Madd and Abebe Lewis. What was one of your best memories from doing that party?
There are so many great memories from those years. Miami Live was a 2-year long weekly party with a live band and myself as DJ, thrown by Michael Madd & Abebe Lewis, which was named Best Weekly Party – New Times 2008. One night, Lil Wayne had stopped by the party, and stayed a couple of hours, which wasn’t unusual. Mind you this was at a time when he was currently enjoying his big mixtape run between Tha Carter 2 and 3 so he was quickly becoming the hottest thing out. After the party had cleared out Wayne was still there with Brisco and a few ladies and he came up and sat down on a speaker sitting right in front of the booth, asked me for the mic and simply said “Obscene play some beats.” So for about 15 minutes I was there basically doing a live rendition of jackin’ for beats with Wayne just spitting off the dome. It was an incredible moment that was only shared by about maybe 10 people. I’ll never forget that experience. And I would also never forget to take my video camera to the club after that day.

Lastly, Top 5 Records you’re playing now….?
1. Flo Rida & David Guetta- Club Can’t Handle Me
2. Dennis Ferrer- Hey Hey
3. Kanye West Feat. Dwele- Power
4. Duck Sauce- Anyway
5. Robbie Rivera- Rock The Disco (David Guetta Remix)



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