Still no word on Haslem….but Michael Beasley, you sir are out of here


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Still no word on the fate of Udonis Haslem. I actually saw Udonis two nights ago at Play nightclub for their weekly comedy night. He wouldn’t give any hint or word on his current situation – and with that said, the comedians that knew of him gave him hell for that. It was all in good fun, but we hope that Udonis can work it out and see another few years in his hometown.

As for Michael Beasley…its pretty much finalized that he has been sent to Minnesota Timberwolves to free up cap space and as well as the T-Wolves’ second round draft pick in 2011. The Beasley move really comes as NO surprise to many as he has had a troublesome career with the Heat as of late, especially with his Twitter incident that caused all that hoopla a while back. Later MB….good luck in your future endeavors. Marlon Wayans also wishes you luck:


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