Top Five reasons Lebron should come to Miami [UPDATED]


Yeah. So tonight at 9PM we’ll find out where King James is headed. And Miami is definitely in contention, but more signs than not point to him not calling The305 home for the next few years. But maybe we still have a chance to get him on board to The Miami Heat and maybe by chance one of his NBA friends that visit The305 will shoot him over this link here of the Top Five reasons he should come to Miami…

5) New York, Chicago and Cleveland are cold as a muh’ fuggah. Don’t let that recent heatwave up north fool you. Miami…we’re basically like a tropical Caribbean island, but with safer roads and less Tuberculosis.

4) Why settle for Jay-Z in New York City when you can have damn near all of hip-hop in your backyard all year long. Every other weekend is a holiday weekend with all sorts of celebrities hosting parties and/or buying condos on South Beach. And by the time the new season kicks off, you’re gonna have Lil Wayne fresh out of jail and watching you play court-side at every home game. Plus, you got more than enough natives and locals to keep you entertained: OchoCinco, Ricky Ross and the always entertaining Luther Campbell. Please note: Stay away from Hialeah….

3) Yeah, NYC is the media capitol of the world. Been there, done that. There’s only so many millions of people you can reach in New York. But yo, if you come to Miami – Miami is the gateway to Latin America. That’s an untapped market, son. Please note: 8th Street Latinas is not a sitcom on Univision. Don’t sign anything that leads you to believe otherwise.

2) Wade and Bosh want to work a little less harder for them 5-6 rings we finna win over the next few years. Plus, you three are pretty much at your primes so realistically, ain’t nowhere to go but down from here. So you running out of time to get them rings. So look out for your boys and give them that and give yourself a chance at NBA dominance. You ain’t got a chance elsewhere….so do yourself a favor and come on down to The305. Dynasty in the making….

1) The honeys. The 305 honeys. Not much more needs to be said. Click here and here and here and here and here and here, Lebron…


UPDATE #1: And here and here and here and here.

UPDATE #2: Perez Hilton says that Lebron and his squad reserved 25 cabanas at The W Hotel on South Beach this weekend. If this is true, what could this mean? Oh the drama, lol. Click here to read.

UPDATE #3: Bossip saying that Bron Bron is trying to get a crib over in Coral Gables and already put down an offer? Moving quickly or just more rumors? Click here to read.


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