Rapper Rick Ross responds to Freeway Ricky Ross – denies name change

Rick Ross says he’s not changing his name to Ricky Rozay and says his album is still going to be released as planned despite the $10 Million lawsuit and injunction that Freeway Ricky filed. Here’s what [Rapper] Rick Ross said:

“We just gonna let the people deal with that,” rapper Rick Ross told AllHipHop.com in an exclusive interview. “It’s like owning a restaurant, your gonna have a few slip and falls. You get lawsuits, you deal with them, and get them out your way…sometimes you lose.”

Rapper Rick Ross also denied that he was changing his name to “Ricky Rozay,” a new moniker that the rapper has been using, most notably during a high profile appearance during the 2010 BET Awards.

“That ‘s my twitter name, so hit me up on twitter @RickyRozay. I just got on Twitter so shout out to all my followers,” Rick Ross told AllHipHop.com.

Spotted over at Allhiphop


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