My trip to New York City – Photo Gallery & Recap


I only stayed a day and a half, but I had a good time up in New York City. I still can’t talk about why I was up there, but I’ll let ya’ll know soon as I am able to.

But all in all, NYC has its certain magic to it. Don’t get me wrong, Miami is the best city in the world….but New York has the edge and that grungy-ness that I like.

So yeah, I had a whole day to kill and find things to do. And what did I do…? Well…

Monday Night Immediately as I got off the plane, I literally went to the nearest White Castle I could find. I never had their food before and Harold and Kumar seemed to obsess about ’em. So ordered a few burgers and fries. And the verdict? That shit was the nastiest food I’ve had in a long time. Like real bad. I didn’t even finish the second mini-burger. I literally walked out of there and went to the McDonalds next door for some guaranteed fast food goodness. From there, checked in the hotel. Went to Time Square and called it a night.

Tuesday – Busy busy day. I started my day by visiting XXL Magazine in the Harris Publications offices. Its kinda always been a dream of mine to visit their spot and so, I did. Shouts to the homie Rob for the hospitality, for the tour and for the copy of the new T.I. issue. And I took a photo of their wall of fame, that includes all their covers.

From there, I headed to meet up with photographer Jared Ryder, who is one of my favorite photographers doing it nowadays. And you might recognize his stuff from the Last Rights stuff that he does and also alot of stuff for Complex magazine and countless other publications. Well, I went to check him out at one of his photoshoots that he was doing for Hennessy in the Chelsea area. I also ran into Ariel G, from Bridgez Magazine who was art directing the shoot. But yeah, shouts to Jared, I definitely have a special post about his stuff coming soon.

From there…I headed to the downtown area and caught up with the homie Hanif and visited The Source magazine offices. Met Don Morris and the rest of the staff. And got a chance to politic with Hanif, who’s been doing his thing for a minute. Follow him on Twitter by clicking here. And just as I was leaving Hanif, he was telling me that I should go out and take photos/video of………drum roll please…….Esther Baxter who was in town. I believe she was doing a special photo shoot in protest of BP and the Oil Spill. Now, if you’ve followed, then you’d know that before Katy Perry took my attention, I was extremely obsessed with Ms. Baxter. Unfortunately, I had another scheduled appointment and couldn’t head out to her shoot and it didn’t work out. But more info on those photos coming soon.

And from there I went to the event and meeting that I was in town for. Wrapped up the evening eating at America’s “first” pizzeria…Lambardis? And I debated going to the Jay Electronica show at Highline Ballrooom, but instead went out for a few drinks and etc at this small-as-shit bar with the homie Godfree from Gamertag Radio and a few other people.

So that’s it in a nut shell…check my photos below…

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