MELYSSA FORD video from a SUPERBOWL event – but also would like some feedback

This video is a couple months old from back in February. It was from this party I took pictures of (click here and here to see them)…and I just so happened to do some video of the event also. And I literally stalked Melyssa Ford the whole night. The subway guy and a NFL players make appearances in some of the clips. Just keep in mind, I didn’t go there for video, I strictly did photos and just so happened had a few video clips. Its crazy to see the quality these Canon 5Ds and 7Ds keep pumping out.

Either way, my question is...would you like to more event coverage type videos and maybe even red carpet coverage like this? This one doesn’t have interviews, but maybe also on-site interviews with artists and celebrities. Or should I just leave that to Deco Drive and them?

Just thought it might be a different side of things from the norm. Feedback welcomed. Would love to keep covering events and such if ya’ll want it.



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