Saturday News Links :: Spirit Airlines strike, Liv is hot, Kim K is too, Men In Black III and more


Its a beautiful Saturday. Perfect for some early BBQ’in in the 305. If you want to catch up with what’s going in the news and randomness department from local and abroad…here are your Saturday news links….

Spirit Airlines is based in Ft. Lauderdale. And well, they done gone up and started to go on strike because a salary agreement of some sort could not be reached. [Examiner]

— Goddess Kim Kardashian (who’s pictured above) is back in Miami celebrating the bachelorette party for one of her friends. She came straight from the Airport and went straight to the beach in Typical Kardasshian fashion. [CelebGossip]

— Uber trendy Liv, has been named as one of the top nightclubs of the world. And we agree. [MiamiNewTimes]

— To battle the City of Miami budget crisis, over 1,100 Miami Employees may lose their jobs. [NBC Miami]

— Hip-hop savior in the making, Drake, had an unfortunate leak of his album last week. And now, even his album insert slash song credits slash thank you booklet has leaked. You know you’ve made it when you’re album booklet is getting leaked. Thank Me Later is in stores this Tuesday June 15th. [MissInfo]

— Florida’s stretch of 1-95 most dangerous road in the US. [CBS 4]

Jersey Shore’s The Situation was spotted at the new Whopper Bar on South Beach this past Thursday. Old ladies and shallow people alike went to go see The Situation’s abs and fist pumping action while chugging down some french fries and burgers. [NBCMiami]

Will Smith is getting ready for Men In Black III. They haven’t started filming yet, but he set aside some time to films a little teaser clip.  [AceShowBiz]

— The Holy Grail for a true sneakerhead. These are quite a bit older than your O.G. I’s with the mustard yellow bottoms.  [NyTimes]

— In the random department. Here’s 10 rules to understanding women. Use at your own risk. [CoEd Magazine]

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