Crazy Photo – local photographer wins ‘photo of the year’ award


Local photographer Benjamin Rusnak‘s image of a Guatemalan girl earned him a top prize. Rusnak won the prestigious Gordon Parks award, as well as Photo of the Year, from Interaction, the nation’s largest coalition of U.S.-based government organizations devoted to the world’s poor. Here’s a description of the photo:

A young girl cries after another child stole a toy she found in the garbage dump outside Quezaltenango, Guatemala. Desperate people travel for hours on foot to scrounge through the garbage daily to find scrap metal or bottles they can sell to recyclers or garments and toys they can repair and sell in a market. Often they eat what the find in the trash, carrying it home to share with their hungry families. In the developing world this is an all too common way for the poor to survive. Food For The Poor is helping to get people out of the dump with a vocational training center, new homes and water projects.

Source: Benjamin Rusnak / Food For The Poor / NBC Miami

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