Luke chimes in on the new underage curfew in Dade County, as well as the racial motives behind Marlins stadium?

Luke is at it again with a whole new Luke’s Gospel edition over at the Miami New Times. This time he puts in his two cents on recent local county pushes to put an 11 p.m. cover for minors under 18 years of age. He seems to think that doing so is an abuse of people’s rights and that it should be the parent’s job to impose curfews and not the governments. Luke also goes back to the baseball topic for a second and talks a bit about the racial implications that the construction of the new Marlins stadium has. Here’s an excerpt of what he says:

We can’t fix the 20-year-old irrigation system at Charles Hadley Park, but we can put a $500 million baseball stadium in Little Havana with no black people helping to build it. The city doesn’t sponsor any of our youth sports programs. They just give us free space. The Overtown and Liberty City optimist clubs pay for the sports equipment and the people to run the program. The city of Miami doesn’t provide a dime for services it should be supporting.

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