Even Dwyane Wade’s cameo in Common & Queen Latifah’s movie Just Wright couldn’t save the movie

I recently saw the movie Just Wright, which stars Common, Queen Latifah and Paula Patton….err…sorry I mean, it stars Queen Latifah, Paula Patton and Common.

This isn’t a formal review so I’m gonna cut right to the chase. The movie sucked, was really all over the place and made no ways of sense at multiple points throughout the movie. And while Common The Actor makes more money in one movie than Common The Emcee made in his whole career – sometimes you just gotta recognize where to draw the line. He may very well have a long acting career ahead of him in the future, but he needs to put in work with an acting coach like asap. Sorry for not providing details, but really, the movie was disappointing to say the least.

And as mentioned in the headline, Dwyane Wade did make a cameo in the movie as well. He had a couple lines and schooled Common on the court a few times. But either way, his cameo wasn’t enough to save this movie. At all.


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