last Rights Clothing’s “The New Miami” color voting


Last Rights Clothing has taken the intiative to add to their contribution “The New Miami” movement by designing a shirt that will serve as a fashionable representation of the movement itself. However, they need your help. They need help on deciding which colorway they should print of the shirts. So they put up a voting poll for you to cast your vote and help them with their decision. Here’s what Last Rights writes:

Since Last Rights came on the scene, we have always stayed true to our roots and represented the great city of Miami to the fullest. We are extremely proud and excited to see THE NEW MIAMI movement that is taking place right now. Having a group of young, talented, and very hungry individuals at the forefront, there is no way that the arts of Miami will ever be overlooked… That being said, it is only right that we get the people involved in deciding which of these shirts should be produced. After all Last Rights is here for the YOU. With out your support we are nothing. Take the time to vote and make a difference! And remember, this is just the beginning!

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