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Whattup er’body. Thank you for all the continued support and readership. I love doing this site and I’m glad I can keep it going strong like this and update it like I do. We definitely get thousands of people that visit the site a day, and we hope all of you keep coming back. Anything I can do to help improve the site, feel free to suggest it here in the comments or via email.

However, for now, I need a favor though. When you find a chance…help spread the word about to anyone who might not necessarily know about the site. Via Facebook, Twitter, text, or even in person with some of your friends, family or co-workers. Tell them that exists and is here to serve the Miami community.

I do this strictly for our city and also, for the people from everywhere else who take interest into everything Miami and “305” related. But point blank, the more people keep coming back to the site, the better the content gets and the more frequent I can keep updating. So definitely spread the word and help grow. Your support is appreciated.

And again, feel free to send me an email with any comments of what you would like to see more of, less of…etc. Or even if you have new ideas of stuff/people we should feature in the future.

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