The U DVD release coming soon


The U documentary is coming soon to DVD. Alfred Spellman gave some details about the release this morning….

We get more emails asking us about The U dvd than anything else, so here’s the deal:

ESPN released the first batch of 30 for 30s from the Fall 2009 season on dvd in March. The U premiered on December 12th, making it the last documentary in the Fall 09 season. Since we were working with ESPN on changes up until two weeks before the premiere, we weren’t finished in time to release in the first batch.

When The U became the highest rated doc in the history of ESPN, we decided to really flesh out the dvd with as many extras and deleted scenes as possible. Dave spent most of January working on polishing about twenty scenes we didn’t include in the film (QB battle Kosar vs Testaverde, Tim Brown and the 87 Notre Dame game, JJ’s Thursday night meetings, etc) and featurettes from the Miami screenings.

We finished the extras in mid-February, and now ESPN is deciding on a release date. One of the considerations is how best to release a college football documentary in the off-season. I spoke with some people up in Bristol yesterday and they are eyeing a few potential dates, so hopefully we’ll have news soon.

And no, I don’t know if there will be a Blu-Ray release, although we are pushing for one.

Source: Rakontur Blog


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