Rick Ross loses case against DJ Vlad – he’s out $300,000

Rick Ross loss his case against DJ Vlad last week stemming from a 2008 assault case. Vlad sued for $4 Million, but was awarded $300,000. Per Ross, he still considers his having to fork over $300,000 a win if you consider the fact that its not even 10% of what Vlad was originally looking for. I’ll let Ross tell it:

“I’ve been fighting a $4 million lawsuit for the last two years.  My defense was a success. I’ve got to salute Xavier Donaldson, my attorney. Whenever an artist or anybody is put in a position such as a lawsuit in this capacity, so much evidence is represented — videotapes, what have you — to be able to walk out of a courtroom giving the plaintiff less than 10 percent of what he requested, I consider my defense a success. God bless America! The lawsuit is done. Even though I plan to appeal the decision, I thank the courts for the monetary decision that they made. They were extremely lenient, I appreciate that. It’s back to the business for the boss. “It’s a couple of papers, but it was a two-year-long case. After court expenses, etc., the plaintiff may get $40 or 50K. I’m blessed to be in the situation I’m in. Four mil was at stake. It’s behind me.” – Rick Ross

Source: MTV


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