Top Five Reasons Why Diddy Would Be A Good Manager For Rick Ross


So, its rumored that Diddy has taken the helms of co-managing Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj. All semi-confirmed rumors it seems. Well we thought that Ricky would definitely be putting himself in a good place if he does sign the dotted line to be managed by Sean Combs. And here’s our top five reasons why:

1. Sean Combs loves B.I.G. people – Being a fellow overweight member of society myself, I can appreciate this one. Diddy was once the man behind the mega-stardom of The Notorious B.I.G. So he has a special place in his heart for big folk. That man treats his artists with Cheesecakes hand delivered by foot from Brooklyn. He’s caring in regards to keeping his artists fed.

2. The 3-for-1 Combo Special – Once you sign on to be managed by Puffy, you automatically get endorsement deals from Ciroc and from Sean John. That’s 3 great deals for the price of one – word to Nicki Minaj. You might get toilets filled with Ciroc left on your front lawn by rival Vodka companies, but it’s the price to pay for braggin’ rights.

3. Diddy Represents “305” When He Needs To – Diddy is definitely a New York native…Harlemite to be specific. But he does have a mansion on Star Island that technically makes him a Dade County tax payer. And when its convenient, Diddy can switch from that NYC gutter talk, and talk that 305-shit like no other. Plus, Diddy buys out King Of Diamonds three days at time. Who else can do that?

4. He can get you guest features from Cassie – Yo, this is the icing on the cake. Famous for her 2006 hit single “Me And You”, Cassie almost never does guest appearances. And being that she is Diddy’s artist on Bad Boy, you are set for life. Sign them papers now.

5. And lastly…White people love Diddy. Thus, white people will love you. That is all.


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