Flo Rida still keeps it real in The 305…and still wants you to call him on his cell phone

(Miami Herald/MADELEINE MARR ) – The last time we checked in with Flo Rida, his cellphone was ringing off the hook. That’s because he made the number public. It’s still out there, and it’s still ringing, albeit sometimes on vibrate.

Google away — it’s 305-528-2786.

“Oh man, my phone’s blowing up right now,” said the Carol City rapper, who speaks to an average of 35 fans a day. “Millions of people from all over the world call me now.”

Do all the callers speak English?

“Sometimes I’ll get a text and it’s in Japanese or something but I know it’s all love.”

Flo really shared the love this weekend. On Saturday, he went back to the projects where he grew up to throw a street party for the old neighborhood.

The event is the first for his nonprofit, Big Dreams For Kids.

“You know with me having all this success, I wanted to speak the word to the kids,” he said. “I’ll never forget when I was young, the late, great [football player] Reggie White and Rerun from What’s Happening [Fred Berry] came to visit. I reached my goals and they gave me the blueprint.”

On Sunday, Flo hit Sun Life Stadium to throw a free concert for Haiti relief.

Being so accessible has worked well for the performer, whose real name is Tramar Dillard.

Mail on Sunday, his first solo effort with club hits like Low (with T Pain) and Elevator, was No. 1 for 10 weeks in 2008; last year’s R.O.O.T.S. featured Right Round, another chart smash.

We expect no less from his third record, The Only One. He doesn’t either.

You can listen to the first single, Zoosk Girl. Named after an online dating site, the dance song — over a sample of Tainted Love — is another collab with buddy T-Pain.

“Every time I drop an album I want to make sure I blow people’s minds,” Flo says. “I’m the life of the party. I wanna make history.”

A strong work ethic has kept him grounded, he says. That — and not giving into temptation like other celebrities (Tiger, Jesse . . .).

“I’m a businessman, first and foremost,” says Flo. “As for those other guys, to each his own. I make sure I stay focused on my music rather than on women. If I’m inside, I’m not playing, I’m working.”

Original Source: Miami Herald

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