Lil Wayne’s @LilTunechi shirts designed by Miami based Inked Productions


So, you know that @liltunechi shirt that Lil Wayne was showing off the other day on MTV via the DJ Scoob Doo video interview? Well, it was actually produced by Miami based Inked Productions. Wayne and his stylist Marisa Flores wanted to get a custom shirt done with the “@liltunechi” Twitter name placed on it. Well, Derick G was called upon to get the job done so he reached out to his homies over at Inked Productions to produce the shirts. Lil Wayne got the shirts and loved them. So much, that even Birdman caught wind and had his own custom “Lil Wayne Daddy” shirt made a couple days after (click here to see). Shirts done by Inked Productions.

To find out more about Inked Productions, log on to:

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