QUOTE: Birdman on R. Kelly “he a clown ass n*gga”


Wow wtf happened here. That I know of, R. Kelly was part of that whole Khaled &  Rick Ross circle of friends. Must be about that Best Of Both Worlds album that never happened. I swear that project has a way of fuckin’ up relationships. And its funny how the Best of Both Worlds project keeps getting passed around like a red-headed step child

1) First it was Jay-Z and R. Kelly…that didn’t work
2) Then it was R. Kelly and Birdman…that didn’t work
3) Somebody tried to intercept it mid decade in 2004-2005 (I forget who)
4) And now its Birdman and Rick Ross…..to be determined…

Okay back to the topic. So not sure where their relationship went south, but here’s the quote.

What’s the worst business investment you’ve made throughout your career?
Probably the worst investment I did was fuckin’ with R. Kelly. That was a waste of my time. I could’ve made money if I wasn’t fuckin’ with that clown-ass nigga…

Via Ozone

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