Ludacris is busy running around town (Miami Herald)


(Miami Herald) – Clutching two bottles of his cognac, Conjure, Ludacris said he can’t wait for the Super Bowl.

The Gamer star, who will release his seventh album Battle of Sexes in March, is ready to party Miami-style. The multi-tasker, who recorded part of his new album in Miami, chatted with us at his rented Miami Beach mansion, which he dubbed The House of Conjure.

Sorry, Colts fans — Ludacris told us he’s cheering for the New Orleans Saints.
“I’m rooting for them because of the history and what has gone on in the city,” he says. “Think how much the team has boosted the morale. . .I feel it’s a movement going on right now. ”

Not shy, Ludacris admitted he’s looking forward to checking out all the eye-candy in Miami this week. “I just want to see all the beautiful women who will be in the city.”

Speaking of women, the handsome star wouldn’t reveal his dating status. Although he hinted of having a Valentine. “What if I told you my Valentine was my daughter?”

We don’t know. You’ll just have to ask him yourself.

Source: Miami Herald


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