OZONE MAGAZINE – Young Breed article from September 2009 (from Triple C’s)


Carol City is known for a lot of things. The notorious Miami ‘hood has been name-dropped by many artists hailing from the Sunshine State, and Rick Ross’ group Triple C’s – a.ka. Carol City Cartel – hails from the area. Most people are already familiar with the trio, consisting of Ross, Torch, and GunPlay, but recently a new face appeared alongside the original members – Young Breed.

Officially inducted into Triple C’s when Maybach Music inked an imprint deal with Def Jam, Breed had been working with the group, as well as other South Florida rappers, for a lengthy amount of time. “We’ve been grindin’ in the streets,” he says. “I was building a mixtape buzz all throughout Florida and Georgia. I been doin’ a lot of features with GunPlay, Torch and Ross.”

One of Breed’s most widespread features was a collaboration with Desloc called “Make Sum Room” produced by Gorilla Tek. With the support of Tony Neal and The CORE DJs, the record became popular enough to take Breed on a club tour throughout South Florida, parts of Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. It was one of several street singles for the young rapper. He says, “Another big record I had was ‘Real Niggas’ featuring Brisco and Iceberg. The remix to that was big too.”

While doing his own thing, he remained in connection with Ross’ and the group, and when the timing was right, he joined their movement. Appearing in recent Triple C’s videos and the current single “Go,” Breed is becoming more recognizable to the public, bringing a noticeable change.

“I feel like I bring that whole new vibe,” Breed explains of his contribution to Triple C’s. “It’s that young generation, that new money. Everything evolves and changes with time. We’re a brand new label – Maybach Music, and it’s with Def Jam so it’s a new look.”
The group’s album Custom Cars & Cycles is in stores now, and things have come full circle for the Carol City native. “For me it’s just the struggle,” he says, of his motivation for making music. “I been grindin’ in the streets, gettin’ it.”

Once shaped by his less-than-desirable environment, but always interested in music, Breed was able to turn things around into something positive. He explains, “I chose to focus more on my music, so I applied my hustle skills to music.”

Influenced by Miami heavyweights like Ross, JT Money, Trick Daddy, and Piccalo, Breed is inspired to have a lasting impact. “I’m real young so I’m lookin’ for longevity,” he says. While Young Breed may be the new generation, he’s hoping to leave his mark on the next generation.

Words by Ms. Rivercity
Photo by Lisa Lisa

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