Only in Miami – Tyrese gets into accident with woman – and then takes her on a spa day


(NBC Miami) – Tyrese is used to making hits in the studio, but the R&B superstar had an unexpected collision Monday in downtown Miami, according to

The website reported that Tyrese crashed his Dodge Charger into an SUV on Biscayne Boulevard, totaling wrecking both rides. The SUV was left completely flipped over. Yet, both drivers walked away from the crash unscathed. It’s unclear who was at fault, but Tyrese decided it would be a good idea for him and the woman he hit, who is a mother of five, to go to the spa so they could recuperate together.

Miami police have not confirmed if an accident took place, but if it did, a trip to the spa seems like a pretty cheap consolation prize no matter how good the intentions.

Now usually when a celebrity hits someone in Miami, they keep on driving or simply blame it on the alcohol. But an impromptu spa day is a new one for us, especially from a guy who starred in the Fast and the Furious 2 and the Transformers series.

Tyrese tweeted about the episode and said he “prayed” with the victim before whisking her away. “Mother of five left without 1 scratch and we ended up hangin at the spa for a massage,” the Twitter post reads.

So all it takes to get in the hot tub with a half-naked heart throb is to be in the way of his vehicle while he is driving. Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before? We hope Tyrese looks into going a step further than just a back rub. How about getting the mom a new car?

Words by NBC6


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