2009 STORY OF THE YEAR – Team Drake post with Miss Shakur & Rosa Acosta


Team Drake post with Miss Shakur & Rosa Acosta
2009 Story Of The Year
Well, I’m gonna tell you right now that if I did not spend my July 4th weekend invested into making the Team Drake post, The305.com will not be where it is today. As much as I hate to say it, this was the post that really put The305.com in the spotlight. Our story on the girls of Team Drake got linked everywhere and got duplicated/copied/jacked everywhere. And I really do mean…everywhere. A couple people even tried to steal the idea and claim it as their own, but you cannot front that The305.com fathered this concept – however stupid and/or juvenile it might’ve been. And to a lot of people, this was the first time they saw or heard of what was to become the amazing vixen Rosa Acosta. And weeks later, we actually scored an interview with her…again, one of her first interviews before she really took off. So yeah, the Girls Of Team Drake post was really that influential to putting the site in the forefront to a lot of people. SO without a doubt, I had to make this “the” story of the year for 2009. Shouts out to Shakur by the way, pictured above, as well as the rest of the Team Drake honeys…

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