Black History Month Air Force 1’s
2009 Story Of The Year That Doesn’t Involve Women
This story was really special because I got to work directly with Nike on this story. Nike gave me the exclusive details on this sneaker and the story behind the Black History Month AF1 series is that much more important. Plus, Nike got the chance to do a local contest at Booker T. Washington Senior High and awarded a couple pairs of the sneakers to a few lucky students. I had the chance to photograph the sneakers and exclusive access to publish the story first. All the major sneaker sites picked up the story and reposted it all over the place. Even Kanye posted it on his blog, but Kanye’s people had the nerve to “erase” my logo/watermark and not give me credit for the story.

What’s also crazy is that I was given one of these as a gift. I decided then to NEVER wear it, its too special of a sneaker. I did however bring it out a few times to display at a couple booths I had at a few sneaker events and no lie, I’ve had numerous offers from people trying to buy the sneakers from me. Three people offered about $2,500 and one guy even went as high as $4,000. This was right when they came out so who knows how serious these offers were, but at the end of the day, I was NOT going to sell these and I never will. So this is definitely the story of the year…that doesn’t involve women of course.

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