2009 RECORD COMPANY OF THE YEAR – Poe Boy Music Group

Poe Boy Music Group
2009 Record Company Of The Year
Poe Boy records celebrated their ten-year anniversary in 2009. Without a doubt, E-Class (pictured above), Big Chuck and the rest of the Poe Boy Music Group family is somehow responsible and/or affiliated for a lot of the talent that has come out of Miami in recent memory. Their top achievement has to be all that they’ve been able to accomplish with Flo-Rida. He has the top selling single of the decade with “Low”, an honor that was revealed weeks ago. And in 2009, Flo-Rida’s “Right Round” was one of the biggest records of the year – with the accompanying album releasing this past March as well. Atop of that, their roster has grown with a solid base of talented artists like Billy Blue, Brianna, Mista Mac and Brisco specifically, who released his Revenge mixtape – one that was received well in the streets and online. And on the flipside, Poe Boy also released the “Live From The 305:” compilation which featured nothing but local South Florida artists on it in a pledge to showcase the talent that Miami has and that often goes overlooked. So without a doubt, Poe Boy has grown into an amazing entertainment company that will surely continue their reign into the new decade.

More info: www.poeboymusicgroup.com