2009 MIXTAPE OF THE YEAR BY AN ARTIST – Ghostwridah “305’s & Heartbreaks”


Ghostwridah – 305s & Heartbreaks
2009 Mixtape Of The Year By An Artist
There are so many mixtapes that come out nowadays that its hard to stand out from the pack anymore. But one exception had to be this here mixtape by Ghostwridah called 305’s & Heartbreaks. What caught my attention at first was the obvious plays towards being an interpretation of Kanye’s 808s & Heartbreaks album. But what caught me off guard was that it was Ghostwridah putting his own spin and his own personality into various tracks from Kanye’s most recent album. Packed with original choruses and added live instrumentation and recreations, this mixtape almost sounded like a true album. Plus an original song called “Celebrate Lyfe” was thrown in there as a bonus – a refreshing one at that. 305’s & Heartbreaks is a dope concept mixtape based off a concept album – if that makes any sense. And the quality of the recordings along with the supplemental hints of production was just the icing on the cake.

Download the mixtape by clicking here.

2009 Best Of The305

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