2009 HONEY OF THE YEAR – Amber Rose


Amber Rose
2009 Honey Of The Year
First of all..Amber, if you’re reading this, WE NEED to do an interview with you on The305.com asap the next time you’re in Miami! Holla…

Allright, so yeah, Amber Rose…where do I start?. The way we came up with Honey Of The Year was strictly by numbers. Who brought the most viewers and unique visits on to The305.com. hands down…Amber Rose. We first posted about Amber back in February of 2009 and since then, you all could not get enough of her. Out of all the honeys we’ve posted on a daily basis, Amber has without a doubt received the most comments and has brought the most visitors on to The305.com – more than any other model. I’m sure a certain producer-rapper had a little something to do with her getting a little more recognition, but that does not discount the fact that Amber has had a hell of a year and that she’s just amazingly beautiful. And genuinely beautiful from bald head to toe. She started out the top of the year appearing in Smooth Magazine And around June, she signed a contract with Ford Models, the exclusive modeling agency to some of the world’s most beautiful faces, and since then she’s appeared in countless magazines, including most recently in Vibe. Amber has been able to stay in the spotlight yet fallback at times – so its been a good balance. Just based off numbers alone, the days with the highest traffic on The305.com have all been somehow tied to Amber Rose. Plus, I know Amber LOVES Miami. She’s been spotted here numerous times throughout the year. Rosa Acosta was definitely a close second, but Amber just came up victorious.

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