2009 FUNNIEST POST OF THE YEAR – DJ Khaled’s Mcdonalds commercial

DJ Khaled’s Mcdonalds commercial
2009 Funniest Post Of The Year
Basically, if you’re a listener of radio station 99 Jamz in the Miami area, then you’ve noticed that DJ Khaled does local commercial spots for McDonald’s. So I posted the “McCafe” spot he did. This is the post that almost never happened because I didn’t want to at all downplay Khaled or make it seem like I was making fun of him – which I wasn’t…its just too hilarious. But I posted it because you know, its public radio, so I would assume he’s comfortable with it because it is being played on the air. Plus, if anything it shows that he’s getting that corporate money. So either way, this is another one of these posts that got reposted everywhere. Everyone from Jimmy Fallon, MTV, WorldStarHipHop and so many other websites reposted this story. And the comments on The305 and everywhere else have been brutal. Some funny, but mostly brutal. But regardless of the obnoxious comments, you can’t help but see the humor in these commercials.

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