2009 BEST NEW COMPANY OF THE YEAR – Last Rights, Inc


Last Rights, Inc
2009 Best New Company Of The Year
Miami-based Last Rights Inc is more than a clothing company, it’s a lifestyle. The brand, while it has been in the making for a couple years, really came onto the scene in January/February of 2009 with the release of their first collection. Their first lookbook featured a captivating series of photos with local rapper Brisco – photographed by celebrity photographer Jared Ryder, who is also part of the Last Rights family. What took a lot of people by storm were their shockingly creative designs and a particular shirt dubbed the “Mac 10” shirt that played off our local Miami Dolphins team logo. The entire collection could not be produced fast enough, it just kept flying off shelves. With praises from tons of media outlets, along with Karmaloop.com – Last Rights continued on as one of the top new clothing lines of the year. Towards the second half of the year, they continued to ride their momentum by releasing their  Winter collection which has been received with open arms by many this holiday season. Not only that, but Last Rights has branched out by spearheading several events and art exhibitions – continuing to dive into other facets beyond fashion. It seems that they accomplished so much more in a year than most new companies tend to do in five. And simply, that’s why they deserve some kind of recognition as the top local start-up business of the year.

More info: www.lastrightsinc.com

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