2009 BEST LOCAL HIP-HOP EVENT OF THE YEAR – Sneakerpimps @ The Moore Building

Sneakerpimps @ The Moore Building
2009 Best Local Hip-Hop Event Of The Year
Sneakers have become more and more of a uncontrollable phenomenon as of late. With limited releases happening every other week, it seems that everyone and their moms has become a newfound sneakerhead. And when Sneakerpimps decided to make Miami a stop on their national tour, many people were filled with you. Not only was it a full on sneaker exhibition of tons of rare and custom sneakers, but it had numerous installations and art demonstrations. Plus, with performances by The Clipse and The Cool Kids, you could not go wrong. Oh and the legendary DJ Clark Kent provided the sounds for the evening. The night was definitely one to remember. Highlight of the night had to be when Clark Kent was calling out Big Boi for rockin’ fake sneakers . Showing that no matter who you are, celeb or not, – if you rock fake kicks, you will get called out. We got full coverage of the event via photos and video. Click here to view our coverage.