FASHION | The Explicit Beanie that Lil Wayne was wearing (by Rocksmith Tokyo for $23.99)


Photo Credit: Derick G

I’m sure you’ve seen the behind the scenes video and photos of Lil Wayne on set of his latest video “On Fire”. Well for one of the looks that he had, he had on this “parental advisory” beanie/knit-cap. Well, it turns out that its made by Rocksmith Tokyo, a New York based fashion brand that started up shop in 2002. Today you can find Rocksmith sold all over the world and online.

Either way, the beanie that Wayne was wearing is in fact made by them and its part of Rocksmith’s 2009 Holiday Collection. It sells for $23.99 at various retailers, including Moose Limited. Click here to purchase. Find more information about Rocksmith, go to

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