Chad OchoCinco to change name again…lol

Chad Ochocinco, formerly Chad Johnson, made tremendous waves when he changed his last name from to an inaccurate Spanish translation of “85” (as originally reported by FanHouse way back when). So it’ll be interesting to see what happens when he tries to embrace some likely nonexistent Japanese heritage next season by switching to “Chad Hachi Go.”

That’s right, everyone’s favorite and oft-fined NFL wide receiver is having some more legal work done in the offseason, according to the — at least if you believe his recent Ustream announcement:

“I’m not sure how Mr. Goodell is going to take it,” Ochocinco said as he held up the jersey.

But why “Hachi Go”?

A Japanese film crew was in town a couple weeks ago to do a piece on the Bengals for a NFL show over there. They said all NFL fans in Japan know who Chad Ochocinco is and they seriously made a proposal to Chad to change his last name to “Hachi Go”.

“Some fans of mine that are Japanese said I should change my last name to ‘Hachi Go’.”
I would imagine that Mr. Goodell will be less upset than the folks at the NFL Shop and Reebok, who will suddenly find themselves with an overwhelmingly annoying abundance of Bengals’ Ochocinco jerseys that won’t sell. Ever.

On the other hand though, in these economic times, it’s tough enough to bring fans to games and sell jerseys just based on the actual star power in the NFL — Ochocinco, what with his constant attention-grabbing behavior, willingness to keep “jacking up” celebrations and jersey switches, is like a one-man economic stimulus package.

Source: NFL Fanhouse


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