Documentary “The U” – reviewed by the Miami Herald

As I mentioned a couple times already, the makers of Cocaine Cowboys have a new documentary called The U premiering on ESPN December 12th @ 9PM. Well, tonight they’re having a premiere of the documentary that I am definitely heading out to. Either way, I ran into this review of what the Miami Herald thought of the film to hold you down until you yourself get to watch it. I’ll definitely let you know my review of the film soon as I watch it. Read the Herald review below…

Some sensitive Hurricanes fans surely will not like the rehashing of the trash-talking, the over-the-top celebrations and the off-field scandals that are chronicled in The U, the two-hour University of Miami football documentary airing at 9 p.m. Dec. 12 on ESPN.

But after watching the film, the view here is that filmmakers and former UM students Billy Corben and Alfred Spellman accurately and colorfully capture the program’s glory years — blemishes and all — and strike the right balance between what made UM so dominant and dynamic, and what made it a target for critics.

The film is an enjoyable trip down memory lane, filled with unforgettable game footage, amusing anecdotes and entertaining interviews with more than 30 people who made the program matter.

Corben and Spellman focused mostly on 1983 to 1991 — when UM won four of its five national titles — and allocated only a few minutes to what has happened since. In retrospect, it would have been a good idea if the filmmakers quickly touched on the past few seasons and acknowledged the players’ exemplary conduct in recent years (just one known arrest — Robert Marve — in Randy Shannon’s three years in charge).

Remember, this is not a tribute to UM football. A tribute would only gloss over the negative.

But this is more compelling than a tribute because it gives the full picture of how those teams captured a nation’s attention.

Via Rakontur & Miami Herald

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