PHOTO OF THE DAY | Pitbull $80K Lawsuit?



Pitbull is getting sued for $80,000, but the lawsuit isn’t the point of this post – you can google it if you really want more info. I’m sure that situation is misunderstanding and will end up getting settled. But either way, the real reason for the post is to use this as an opportunity to post this throwback image that TMZ posted of a comparison with Pitbull’s mughsot (from a 2007 incident) with Dr. Evil from the ever so famous Austin Powers series of movies. I am not one for these gossip sites stalking the sh*t out of celebs, but TMZ really made me laugh on this one – if you have any kind of humorous bone in your body, you find it funny too. And looking back its probably that much more funnier. We love ya Pit…f**k the haters.

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