RUMORS | DJ Khaled vs. Poe Boy and/or more specifically Big Chuck?


Photo: KeepItTrill

I don’t know the details, nor do I know exactly what happened at Temple last Monday between DJ Khaled and members of Poe Boy. As of right now its all hearsay and speculation – but I’m sure it’ll make sense eventually. I’m not taking sides on this and honestly I try to avoid posting negative sh*t. But when its within the boundaries of news, I have to post it. And I’m not posting that hearsay gossip sh*t. Below is a quote from Big Chuck, and if and when Khaled addresses this ordeal, we’ll put his side of the story up.

But we really do not need this man. Miami does not need this. DJ Khaled and Poe Boy just finished putting out the Live From The 305 compilation project no less than 6 weeks ago. A project that E-Class told Khaled on the air of 99 Jamz – that it was made to unite the city and show love to all the artists that are doing their thing in the city. And now we have to see whatever issues they have from Monday night get placed on an open forum for the world to see? Big Chuck, president of Poe Boy, took to Twitter to voice his anger towards Khaled. Among one of the lesser inflamatory statements, he said:


I don’t know, I love this city and I’ve represented its hip-hop scene to the fullest since starting this site 7 years ago Γ’β‚¬β€œ but shit like this is depressing – and not from just one or the other, but just overall. It only takes us back further away from staying in the limelight.

Even if Khaled was wrong in any way, I don’t think airing him out on Twitter is any much more productive. Obviously, this is just a lil ole’ blog about Miami – but if either of you two are reading this…try and settle this for the sake of the bigger picture – then keep it moving and keep making money. Let’s give the haters less fuel and ammunition for their anti-Miami and anti-305 comments that usually turn up on dozens of blogs and message boards whenever anything Miami comes to discussion.

Source: KeepItTrill


UPDATE 11/26/2009: Just to reiterate, I am not taking sides on this and staying neutral as can be. I have the utmost respect for the entire Poe Boy family and everyone on Khaled’s end – whatever the issue, I’m sure they’ll handle it and part ways if it heads towards that.

Khaled is still quiet on the ordeal, but Big Chuck is definitely speaking his mind via Twitter.


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