This week, in Chad OchoCinco news – Most expensive $1 bill ever, and is Chad the newest UFC fighter?


Today in Chad OchoCinco news – it seems Mr. OchoCinco can’t keep himself out of the mainstream news. Chad seems to get more publicity in one week than most NFL players get in their entire careers…lol. That’s how Miami folk do. Read below.

Most expensive $1 bill – First he gets a $20,000 fine for jokingly bribing an official during a game. I mean seriously, he knew he was gonna get it, how can you not…lol. Atleast he keeps the game interesting. [RealTalkNY]

Here’s some mustard, sucka – After mailing a box of deodorant to the Ravens, its seems that someone named as the “Fans of Ochocinco” sent a box of mustard protested the Pittsburgh Steelers. It was a result of Ochocinco’s midweek Twitter pledge to send the Steelers’ defensive backs mustard because they couldn’t Ò€œketch up.Ò€ Heinz Field puns intended. Lol… [LBS]

VIDEO: The Sports Soup with Chad – This is hilarious, a blatant rip-off of E!’s talk soup, but this is the first edition of his “Child Pleez” segment on Sports Soup. Lol @ John & Kate plus Ocho….OMG that was hilarious. [FunnyOrDie]

OchoCinco, the newsest UFC fighter? – Then last week, OchoCinco also calls out the UFC to put him a charity match. He spent Wednesday asking, nay, begging, Dana White over Twitter to sign him to the UFC for a fight with middleweight champion and pound-for-pound king Anderson Silva.While not likely to happen, its pretty hilarious. Click here for the entire story. [YahooSports]

Top Ten Chad Moments Ever – Pretty accurate list…i guess. Racing a horse. Being friends with the enemies. [YepYep]

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