HONEY OF THE DAY – Andrea Diamante


Andrea Diamante. Good lord. Catch her on myspace.Here’s what Andrea says about herself…

Hi! I just want to thank everyone for stopping by to visit my page. I am a model/actress from the east coast, although i ‘ve traveled to the west quite often. I am a very honest person and respect people who are just as honest. I am an Aries which means i am enthusiastic and quick witted. Some silly facts that you may not know about me are; i get my nails done every week, fake nails freak me out, my favorite color is white, i hate my eyelashes, i cry every Christmas, i’m scared of the ocean, i love pizza, i’ve never done drugs, i fall asleep super fast, i’m not tickleish, and i enjoy driving just to name a few. My all time favorite thing to do when i am not working is either to shop, or walk down to the beach when the sun is going down and enjoy a glass of wine and a good book. lol i know sounds corny but its true. Don’t get me wrong i am also a hell of a partier and i can def hang.

My ultimate goal in this crazy entertainment world are to appear in top music videos, grace the cover of countless magazines, act or be an extra in a major film and MOST importantly appeal to many different audiences. I would love to hopefully one day appear on a billboard that represents vintage fashion.
Again, thanks again for stopping by and don’t be a stranger! You will be seeing more of me soon.

Photos via CurveHouse


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