Friday News Links – Kim Kardashian dresses up, Jordan’s son acts up, J. Lo’s Sex Tape goes down and tons more

Model: Kim Kardashian

Lots of news bits and links. My apologies on the scattered updates throughout the week. Got a little sick and been battling out a mini-flu all week, but yet, I kept trying to keep up with the latest posts. And for everybody reading this, tomorrow November 7th, 2009 at 12 Noon…we got a special contest for FREE Shorty’s BBQ giftcards, log on at 12 Noon for details and instructions. Giving back to our faithful readers. Anywho, here are some random news stories from all over the place.

»OMG, Kim Kardashian dressed as princess Jasmine – Good lawd. After a couple weeks of getting banned, she’s back on my good side. Anyone who looks like this in a costume should not be allowed out on Halloween. Bad things could happen to you. [KimsBlog]

»Eskay of NahRight Interviewed – I’m not gonna front, Eskay is really someone that a lot of us in the hip-hop blogosphere aspire to be. A successful blog with a seemingly simple business model that thousands are trying to mimic on a day-to-day basis. Read this two part interview on his humble beginnings at an IT position to becoming one of hip-hop’s top internet landing spots. [Unkut]

»Parking debacles of the 305 – Miami New Times go in-depth with this one. Lol at the homeless parking Mafia. They be getting me all the time, but seriously, you can’t do anything except pay them. Not unless you want your car to end up f**ked up when you get back to it. [MiamiNewTimes]

»Puerto Rico’s Calle 13 mutilates the competition at the Latin Grammys – A complete breakdown by our friends over at the Miami Herald’s music blog. [MiamiMusicMatters]

»Marcus Jordan forces UCF to lose Adidas contract renewal – Due to Michael Jordan’s son basically forcing his school to make good on their promise to let him wear his dad’s brand – he just made Adidas drop any chance of renewing their multi-million dollar contract for UCF’ssports programs. Honestly, Marcus could’ve taken into consideration that he’d be affecting a lot of people with his selfish decision. And it WAS selfish. That’s not a diss. That’s reality, but I think he deserved to be selfish because the school promised him he could before he signed on for UCF. So I’d be pissed also. I’m hald and half on this one. [ESPN]

»Yes, Jay-Z and Jeezy on tour, but wait, no Miami stop – Jeezy and Jigga team up for a little tour in 2010, yet, once again, Miami isn’t included on the lineup. Our bad. But a whole lot of other cities are. [Rap-Up]

»Johnny Nunez, photographer to hip hop royalty – There was a time when you could not pick up The Source, Vibe or XXL without seeing Johnny Nunez’s photo credit plastered all over various event photos. He is “the” go-to person when it comes hip-hop event photography. Here’s a little profile on him for your aspiring photographers out there. [StraightFromTheA]

»Rihanna on ABC, analysis by NBC Miami – Local broadcast competitor gives you the 1-2-1-2 of this whole groundbreaking Rihanna interviewing that’s going down tonight on 20/20 with Dianna Sawyer. [NBCMiami]

»Michelle Obama…the relationship expert? – The first lady gives a little bit of relationship advice to seekers of el amor. [SupaCindy]

»Jennifer Lopez sex tape? – You’re about 10 years too late buddy. Where were you in 1999? [Bossip]

»Jennifer Lopez Part Two – I think she needs to give this up. I really do. But here’s a clip of her upcoming video for “Fresh Out The Oven. [AceShowbiz]

»Lil Wayne and the Nike sports remix – Nike Sports releases another remix over a hip-hop song and one of their undersigned NSW atheletes (Justin Tuck). Listen to it over at Eskay’s place. [NahRight]

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