Sat. Oct. 23, 2009: Rapper/Author Jacki-O Book Signing & Meet-N-Greet


The book was an instant success, both with fans of the rapper’s music and book lovers who were being introduced to her for the first time. Now almost one year later, Jacki-O is bringing the message of her book to her home city of Miami in order put a spotlight on the importance of reading.

On Friday, October 23, 2009, she will host a book signing and meet & greet at the Martini Bar (5701 Sunset Dr. Ste. 124a * Sunset Place) in Miami beginning at 6p.m.

“The book is an urban version of the show Friends,” says Cyrus Webb,34. He is the lead publicist of the author/recording artist and his organization, Shadow Play Entertainment, is co-sponsoring the event. Webb took the lead on Jacki-O’s tour in 2008 and has worked with the publishing company since 2007. His book club, Conversations, has also highlighted the book in the past.

In talking about the book he says this: “GROWN AND GANGSTA chronicles the journey of six friends as they deal with their past, try to live through the challenges of the present and search for the hope offered by the future.”

Admission to the event is free, however, the book is $15.00. Joining Jacki-O at the event will be up-and-coming author Mr. Mean Mug, whose book TATTOO TEARS will also be available for only $10 and Mississippi rapper C. Watts aka Playa Connected (both seen below).

Jacki-O, Mr. Mean Mug and C. Watts are hoping that their involvement in this literary event will show that you can be cool and still educated. They are all joining with Webb in participating in National Day of Reading on Sat. Nov. 21, 2009, again showcasing the importance of reading. In addition to promoting her new music, Jacki-O is also working on her autobiography called RELENTLESS.


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