10 Questions With Charles Reed


We recently caught up with Charles Reed for a quick interview. Charles Reed is the man behind “Jook With Me” (listen here). We discussed a couple things. 10 things to be specific. Read below…

Charles Reed:
I actually came out to Florida because I was going to school at Full Sail in Orlando. I ended up meeting a friend who heard me sing. He introduced me to some producers, who then introduced me to some people in Miami. One of those people ended up being Cedric Hollywood, who’s the director of programming over at 99 Jamz. I started to then come down to Miami every weekend, staying in hotels every weekend and from that, I just ended up moving out here. With that, I ended up meeting with and collaborating with Bigg D.

Charles Reed: Yeah, I’m actually signed to DadeTown, under Bigg D. Directly with DadeTown.

Charles Reed: Yeah, Gorilla Tek is my homie, he produced that record. The song was originally or Ball Greezy, but they weren’t sure if Greezy wanted to push the record for himself and you know, I ended up remaking a different version of it featuring D Shep and from there it did what it did. But PLEASE let it be known that there’s no beef with Ball Greezy or nothing like that. Its nothing like that at all, we’re cool.

Charles Reed: We are recording for an album and we’re just about staying fresh and staying with the times. So we’re recording everyday.

Charles Reed: I wake up early in the morning – I get up and go to the Gym. A lot of times, I’m up Saturdays and just stay busy doing interviews and/or shopping to get ready for a performance later that evening.

Charles Reed: I’m into pretty much anything that look fresh. I keep up with the Nike’s, as well as the DC’s. I even play around with Vans here and there. I’m very experimental when it comes to dressing. Its just gotta look fresh.

Charles Reed: That would have to be the first time I met Gerald Levert. I actually grew up around his family back in Cleveland and I met him when I was real young, but that was definitely a good time. Learned a lot from that, even just being in Cleveland in general. And even in Miami, I learned a lot from all of the people that I’ve dealt with down here. I picked up the grind and knowing the way how the industry moves and works.

Charles Reed: In my life in general and even out here and in the industry, its all about patience. You link up with people or certain producers, and expect things to move at a certain speed because of your expectations, but you gotta have patience. Its your career, let it get done right. Have patience.

Charles Reed: Yeah, actually there was this one time when I was in Chicago performing. I was singing to a girl, and she straight up fainted. She was looking at me, she was getting emotional and getting all into it…and she just fainted. It made me feel good though, she was allright. (Laughs)

Charles Reed: Expect consistency. I’m constantly gonna keep it moving. I’m gonna let God guide my course of where I’m supposed to be at. I just got that love and passion for music, that’s where its all at for me. And what to expect from me? I’m just writing and trying to get placements on different projects. Maybe do television in the future. Just trying to expand my horizons…

Check more of Charles Reed at www.myspace.com/charlesreed

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