Thursday News Links

Haven’t done this in a real long time, but here it goes. News from all over the place.

UM illegal download and streaming on campus – Sucks for you if you’re a UM student. Three strikes and youuuuu’re out. [MiamiHurricane]

BK says ‘Let me upgrade ya” – Miami based Burger King, hopes to renovate and change the look of all of their restaurants. They expect sales & profit increases to the locations that make these futuristic looking changes. [NOHH]

Trina’s Allhiphop Interview is simply Amazin – Trina chops it up with Allhiphop.Com. yeah Allhiphop is still around, dont’cha know? [Allhiphop]

Taco Bell Headline – Even though I don’t like their website’s writers cuz they’re Pitbull-haters, NBC6 Miami’s  headlines on their stories are classic. Case in point, a lady was shot at a Taco bell the other night because they closed and a guy demanded they reopen because he was hungry. Their headline was “Taco Bell Worker Shot by Gordita Gunner.” [NBCMiami]

Jay-Z reveals that Michael Jackson actually sung on “Girls, Girls, Girls” – I always suspected it. Here’s the story. [Hiphopdx]

Chad OchoCinco jumps on the “c’mon son” game, LOL – Chad was feeling a bit ecstatic and held up a makeshift “c’mon son” sign – too hilarious. {RapRadar]

Beyonce addresses Kanye’s outburst – Finally. C’mon son. [TheLifeFiles]

Leona Lewis album cover and tracklisting – The American release of her first album was definitely dope. It had a lot of balads and well-put together songs. Hope this next album sounds just as great. [LavishLane]

Rocsi f**ks up and mispronounces C-Ride’s name on 106 & Park– Rocsi said his name wrong and called him “C-Side”. Don’t blame her, blame the teleprompter!!!! But yeah, they made good and did a correction on today’s show. Sidebar, even the website had it wrong, Napps126 points out [Twitpic]

No More conjugal visits for Dade County inmates – The headline courtesy of the headline-masters says it all. [NBCMiami]


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