Khaled randomly appears on MTV’s Top 10 Emcee countdown and also, Rick Ross responds to being #5

Khaled got around in New York last week, he made his rounds, including popping to join in the announcing of the top 4 emcees on MTV’s List of Top 10 emcees in the game by reacting to Jay-Z top spot (Hovi’s hommme, lol). Also, as we mentioned last week, Rick Ross made it into spot #5. And he finally reacts and responds to the honor, click below to read…

Rick Ross, who finished at #5, said no one is more deserving of the top spot than Jay.

“I most definitely agree with Jay-Z being the Hottest MC,” Ross said. “He’s affected the top five directly or indirectly. He signed Kanye West. He signed me to Def Jam. He influenced Lil Wayne and co-signed Drake. Jay most definitely has had the biggest impact on the game and the culture.”

Ross was extremely pleased with his own ranking. “It’s an honor to be in the top five,” he said. “It’s a monumental moment. I remember always watching ‘Yo! MTV Raps’ and seeing Fab Five Freddy. The Hottest MCs list carries on in the tradition of representing real hip-hop. I think the list was great. Everybody on there is real competitive. It’s always great to get recognized for your accomplishments. Each year, I sit down and watch the debates and the rankings. MTV is really on point.”


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